Skyline Alpha Solutions is a provider of innovative information Technology (IT) Solutions and Services. The drive is to  use the best of technology to meet our clients’ needs while delivering the highest quality in a timely and cost effective manner. We have the resources, processes and technologies to give your business a real Edge in the online world.


Skyline Alpha Solutions was founded with the vision of providing a platform where people, businesses and organizations can push beyond limits while producing innovative, efficient and cost effective IT solutions enabling our customers to be successful and have an edge in the competitive online landscape. 


To realize our vision, we are constantly evaluating, developing, and evolving new technologies as building blocks in our solution offerings. Our skilled manpower, allows us to deliver superior services across a broad spectrum of industry.
SKYLINE ALPHA works as a partner with our customers to bring business success. We dedicate ourselves in providing the finest products, superior solutions and services to our customers and continue advancing and innovating our processes and practices in order to provide the best customer experience.

Our Commitment

SKYLINE ALPHA  is committed to providing the strategic services needed to meet your business needs and give you an Edge in the competitive market.

We continuously learn and develop processes to meet the standards of the industry. We take responsibility of maintaining and delivering high quality services to meet global standards.

Dedicated Service

One of the ways we deliver on our commitment is through our dedication to superior service. This dedication is achieved through understanding, continuous learning, timeliness in delivery, responsiveness and proactive approach to problem identification and resolution.

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our motivation!

Corporate Responsibility

At SKYLINE ALPHA,  we understand that technology is a powerful force for improving people’s lives.  That’s why we’re committed to doing more globally to bring the benefits of technology to the people and organizations who need them most. We strive to empower every person and every organization wherever they are to achieve more.y promoting skill development and personal growth.


You are welcome to SKYLINE ALPHA;  we wake up everyday with passion in search of ICT related problems to solve.

17A Jibowo street,Yaba, Lagos.

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