SYMOLE TECHNOLOGIES are expert in system integration, engaging highly competent professionals who will monitor the integration process. Diversity of business applications and software on the market in current years has created a necessity within the enterprise IT systems. Incompatible operating systems and distributed applications installed on different hardware, with hundreds of different types of messages being sent and received concurrently from the web and inside the organization require businesses to devote distinctive attention to application integration potentials. We make it precise, cost-effective and incident-free by utilizing the principles of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Automation (BPA).

Symole Tech Application integration ensures:

 – Higher organization efficiency through uniting the uncoordinated IT ecosystems ensuring the ongoing simplification of the IT systems’ maintenance and support process and reducing operating costs.
 – Consistent and unified decision-making leveraging the benefits of business automation through information and processes integration across the company.
 – Real-time connectivity between installed applications across the enterprise: internal business software, web-based systems and ready-to-use solutions.
–  Secure and efficient B2C and B2B communication integrating communication channels with internal business processes and systems using the Internet, thus automating the supply chain.

Application Integration Process

A standardized integration process is as follows:

Symole Technologies thoroughly analyzes your business needs and goals, indentifying the specifications and possibilities for your integration project and advising on strategy, design, and tools best suited for your IT infrastructure.

We cooperate with you to determine the most suitable integration approach including requirements management, risk assessment and solution architecture. We take into account both your present systems and capabilities and your future growth targets.

We create tailored solutions that operate according to your specifications and maximize usability, efficiency and ease of maintenance.

SYMOLE TECHNOLOGIES  software development team interfaces your company CRM systems with other enterprise data management solutions, your accounting and finance management systems with payment gateways, and provides other data integration services. We synchronize your business intelligence applications with personnel management software, issue tracking software systems, asset management systems and other applications to let you mine data from these sources and export performance indicators for their further analysis and advanced forecasting.

Symole Technologies  application integration service offerings include:
Web Services Development
–  API Integration and Development
–  Enterprise Application Integration (SAP, GoogleApps)
–  Data Integration
–  Back-end Integration Services

Our software company cooperates with you to build cutting edge web solutions and integrate your applications with third-party systems by utilizing the most popular APIs.

We have excellent IT software development credentials in API integration to enable your system interact with:

–   Payment gateways (Paystack API, etc).
–   Geolocation services (Google Maps API, Google Earth API, ).
–  Social communities (Facebook API, Twitter API,


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